Wednesday, August 29, 2007

John Ziegler Quote: Larry Craig and the Instution of Marriage

I have this quote from the John Ziegler show when Ziegler was discussing Larry Craig’s zealous homophobia and closeted homophoria:

"Excuse me, where is the logic there, does that mean if you're a married heterosexual and you vote in favor of gay rights issues and say like voting in favor of diminishing the institution of marriage that you're a hypocrite there. That's what it would mean." - John Ziegler

To quote you Ziegler, but "Excuse me", why do gay rights diminish the value of marriage and how does voting against gay rights when you are gay NOT make you hypocritical?

Ziegler, you're assuming that married people think gay marriage diminishes the value of their union. It doesn't. If I were to get married it wouldn't bother me in any way whatsoever if two consenting adults of the same sex chose to live together or raise a family together. It would have NO IMPACT whatsoever on my family, my decisions, my life. The only thing that really can and has diminished the value of two people telling all their friends and family they’re going to live together forever is when that bond is broken.

Furthermore, Craig and others like him ARE hypocritical. Most people on the left and I call out people on the right because they hide under a shroud piety. It's hypocritical to demonize gays to hoodwink hicks and Christians into voting for you then going to a bathroom "feeling" for other gay men.

Ziegler, your analogy is a farce.